nothing if not consistent

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Consistently absent that is.

I have taken so many "blogging breaks" that I've stopped counting,
so I don't even know which one we're on now.
But I know that I only posted 4 times between breaks this last time.
And that's pathetic.

Sometimes I'm too busy slash tired slash complacent,
slash all of the above,
that I just forget about le old blog.

But somehow I always end up back here.

I'll disappear again {I'm sure},
but for now...


Let me catch you up since my birthday:

visitors // 2 // krystal + brother

trips taken // 3 // cleveland + albuquerque + scottsdale

mugs added to collection // 1 // ohio

halloween // angel

seasons // 2 // fall + winter

outfit photos sent to mom // 48 (!!!!!!)

currently on repeat // smile by keegan smith


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Last Saturday I had a birthday.
How is it that time again?
Where has the time gone?

Birthdays are a funny thing. 
For me anyway. 
It's almost like I'm catching up. 
I mean, I've been 25 for a long time. 

Well obviously not literally, but I'm an old soul.
When I was thirteen, I was asked if the 2- and 4-year-olds I was babysitting were mine. 
Twenty-five has been a long time coming.
There's nothing special about it exactly. 
And yet something changes. 
It's a tipping point. 

This was also my first birthday away from home.
Away from family.
So how did I spend my day?


8:00am // Rise + Shine {disappointed that this counted as "sleeping in"}
8:30am // Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte 
9:00am // Birthday pastries
9:30am // Watched Side Effects 
11:30am // Opened presents
1:00pm // 60-min massage
2:00pm // Target shopping trip
3:00pm // Shower + get ready
4:30pm // The Spectacular Now at the theater
6:30pm // Quick outfit change
7:00pm // Dinner with the girls at The Copper Onion
10:00pm // Count my blessings


Here's to twenty-five.
May it be the best year of my life.


be {wise}

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sometimes the best stories start out with
"remember that time I almost..."

Remember that time I almost got a puppy?


Let's back up.
My mom came to visit me this weekend.
On Saturday, I took her to this little coffee shop in Sugarhouse.
As we were leaving, she asked what the store was next door.
I told her it was a pet adoption center.

As we got in the car, she looked at me and asked,
"Don't you want me to buy you a puppy?"

No, not particularly.
We drove away, but didn't make it 1 block before she said we should at least go look.
So we went back, walked through the doors, and there he was.

He was adorable. 
He was a 14-week old Chiwienie (Chihuahua + Wiener dog).
We took him to the Meet & Greet room where he licked and cuddled and played.

And peed.

It was then that I crashed back to reality...
I couldn't get a dog. 
For so many reasons.

For every reason I had though, my mom had a rebuttal. 
But I stood my ground.

At first. 
My big mistake was naming him. 
Never name a puppy unless you intend to take him home with you.

Meet Maximus. 
Max for short. 
So of course we ended up deciding I should get him. 

Before we went to pick him up, we went to the pet store to get the essentials. 
As we stood in the middle of the pet store talking with the dog trainer 
with our shopping cart filled with all the fixings for bringing a puppy home 
{crate, dog food, toys, treats, leash, collar}
every single reason I had for not getting a pet, 
which I pushed out of my head earlier, came flooding back. 
I couldn't get a puppy!

When I told the store associate who had helped us originally 
that I couldn't do it as he watched me put everything back on the shelves, 
he tried to convince me not to back out.
"No! You can do it!"

I told him I didn't have the time... 
I work 8-10 hour days. It wouldn't be fair.
He asked me how many hours a day I could spend with the puppy.
When I told him maximum 5 hours, his face dropped and I knew I was making the right choice.
But without skipping a beat he asked, 
"Have you ever considered getting a lizard?"

Meet Charlie.
The chameleon.

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